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Food is a universal love language. It brings people together while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Improve your baking skills with me!

I created “A Better Baker” with the intention to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone and start making delicious bakes! I enjoy testing my creativity by using different ingredients and seeing the various ways I can isolate or fuse fuse flavors to create exciting goodies.

 Each blog that is posted will have the recipe I used (or base recipe+tweaking) and I will show you my successes and failures! Each month there will be a “flavor spotlight” this is posted below and I will make fresh bakes out of that ingredient! 

Do not worry about failing in the kitchen- regardless of what you make the end result will most likely be edible.. I hope.  It may not turn out exactly how you like it but with the right coping strategies it can be made into something delish! 

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November: Let’s talk about SPICE baby! 

I am sure you see and enjoy these spices ESPECIALLY during this time of the year. Maybe you have had it in your favorite caffeinated beverage, pies, and various other treats that host these lovely beauts. If I am being honest, it is time for a revamp. These spices need some new pairing so truly shine and give them the respect they deserve!


December: Kiss me under the MINT-iltoe

Mint is such a versatile ingredient, it has the capability to shine on its own or be a refreshing zing to a watermelon salad or be a sweet indulgence with a nice chocolate-mint combination. Whatever and however you enjoy your mint let’s make some goodies with the ingredient of the month!


January: Ya (not) BASIC

HELLO NEW YEAR! Let’s welcome the abundance and healing of 2022 with a clean slate. This flavor is disregarded and often used to describe something bland, boring, unadventurous. “wow…how vanilla…”. Never again will we udder such cruel language to the royal spice. Vanilla is so fresh and light but so complex at the same time if you use the true ingredient not just alcohol artificially flavored as vanilla. The bean is the queen bb and we stan with some goodness this new year. 


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