Hi friends, welcome to A Better Baker! 

My name is Alexandra Davis (Alix) and I am the creator of A Better Baker! The goal of this blog is to inspire people who may be baking-hesitant to try to create some delicious bakes! I want to say right off the bat that I am no means a professional, I am a passionate home baker who strives to become a little bit of a better baker every day. I learn with my mistakes and I am open about them- that is how we all improve! EMBRACE THE FAILS! Regardless of how poorly a bake turned out, more than likely you will have something edible OR you can recreate it into something better! 

As a recent example, my goal was to make a rich, chocolate cake with a whipped chocolate frosting. The cake ended up cracking in half (sadface) but this sparked some creativity. The cake itself was delicious and moist but I made the mistake of using butter and no sort of parchment paper to help release the cake. In addition to using butter and no parchment, I did not wait for the cakes to cool. I was an impatient person and I was just excited about the success of the cake (ha!). Using this mistake to my advantage, I continued on and made the chocolate whipped frosting and brainstormed. I decided to create cake balls with the frosting and dehydrate some strawberries and make a strawberry sugar topping. WOW. Talk about decadent and a successful bake.. Even though it did not turn out how I was expecting. Sometimes the outcome is better than the perceived result. 

That is what this blog is about!


I have loved baking since I was a child but I had the tendency to ignore all of the advice my mom gave me while we were baking together. I was plagued with stubbornness and feeling like I knew everything. Upon learning more, I quickly realized that I do not know a whole bunch. Time passed and I became more determined as ever to learn everything I can about baking. Now we are here! I set out in the beginning of 2021 to improve my baking skills by trying a new bake every week- and if the bake failed I would attempt again the following week with improvements. I am obviously still learning and open to commentary and suggestions!

If you have an inkling that I am missing an important piece of the puzzle that you know, please feel free to reach out and let me know OR if you have an uncommon recipe that you are willing to share and want me to try- send it my way and I will make a post about it. Of course I will give you all of the credit for your recipe. (: 

Who A Better Baker is…

If you want to get a bit more personal to know who is behind the screen-

I absolutely love learning and growing, hence this blog. Everyday I strive to be a better person than who I woke up as, constantly bettering myself mentally, physically, and spiritually. For my non-blogging job I am an American Sign Language interpreter and currently studying to obtain my masters degree in clinical psychology to further support the Deaf community! I am a dog lover to the max.. cats are cool but come on, look at my floofs! Also, feel free (and encouraged) to share your pet pictures in the comments below, I love to see all the cutie pies! 

I have a supportive and caring family and friends who always roll with my ideas no matter the subject. With this particular idea, their support yielded a nice bonus because they love all of the tester goodies. Regardless, I can not eat them all by myself or be where I am today without them, love you guys!



It is a safe space where we talk about our bakes- no matter how big or small! Come on in, we would love to have you. 

Welcome in!